Skateable Synthetic Ice


The Skateable Synthetic Ice by Snipers Edge Hockey is the highest-quality product available on the market. This is a commercial-grade product that is Made in the USA from highly-engineered HDPE, and rugged enough to support players from mites to NHLers. Our Skateable Synthetic Ice replicates a real ice surface, and perfect for glide, edges, turns, small area games or at-home drills while wearing skates. Buy one box for small area, or multiple boxes for a unique home skating experience!
    Product Features

    - Superior glide characteristics, and designed with self-lubricating materials to maintain its shape and slipperiness for years

    - UV protected, making it usable for indoor or outdoor useBest results on a hard, flat surface

    - No messy sprays or cleaning is required (other than a push broom to remove dust or shavings)

    - Assemble in seconds with a rubber mallet, and also easily disassembles to move or store products

    - Can support vehicle weight if driven over or parked on

    - Works great with skates, shoes, or even barefoot!

    - Made in USA


    - Each box comes with four synthetic panels that each measure 2FT x 4FT, creating a skateable area of ~30 SQ FT per box.

    - Jigsaw piece edging makes assembly easy, with virtually no seams

    - Each panel is 3/8" inches thick, and two-sided.

    Each box weighs 50 pounds. 

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    How many boxes do I need?

    Each box of Synthetic Ice comes with 4 tiles that are each 2' x 4' (8 SF), or 32 SF in total. Thus, measure the length and width of your desired training space to calculate your square footage, and divide by 32 to get the # of boxes.

    For reference, an average 2-car garage is 400-600 SF. So if you're looking for tiles to occupy a car stall in the garage training area, you might want ~200SF...or 6-7 boxes.

    How much weight can Synthetic Ice hold?

    The panels are able to withstand the weight of a car being parked on them.

    Can the panels be connected short + long side?

    No. The panels are designed to match seamlessly with the same side of each panel. The long side (4 Foot Side) will only match up with other long sides and the short side (2 foot side) will only match up with other short sides.

    Can the panels be put on grass, outside, or an uneven/sloped surface?

    Yes! Our Synthetic Ice is manufactured with a UV-protective coating to enable either indoor or outdoor use. That said, a few useful tips if you plan to use the tiles outdoors:

    1) The panels work better on a hard, flat surface, however, so while use on grass is certainly possible, results are better on driveway, garage floor, basement floor, etc. If you really want to train on grass, consider placing plywood sheet(s) underneath to create a hard surface.

    2)The panels may shift with temperature changes, so double-check that your surface is flat before each use. Stomp down the seams if any heaving occured.

    3) If you use outdoors, we suggest clearing off leaves, sticks, and other debris before using for optimal training results.

    Do I need to sharpen my skates after?

    In our experience, the panels will dull your saktes faster than regular ice. Before you go back to the ice rink, we would recommend getting them sharpened or designate a set of replaceable blades just skating on your Synthetic Ice.

    Does Synthetic Ice work for goalies?

    Yes! Using pad covers to protect your gear, like the booties for a slide board, a goalie will get optimal slide and movement!

    How do I install my Synthetic Ice?

    See our installation video down below!

    See the Syntethic Ice in Action