SweetHands 2.0


As a new version of an all-time classic, the SweetHands 2.0 by Snipers Edge will take your stickhandling and hand eye coordination to the next level! With 5 rubber feet and 4 metal bars, it’s easily configurable into multiple different patterns to get your hands prepared for whatever you may encounter in a game. Create a long stretch to improve your puck control and hand-eye coordination or separate into single obstacles to work on quick moves and your best dangles. Assembles and collapses in seconds, making it an easy tool to take with you wherever you want to work on your hands. Bring on ice, or use for dryland training. 

Product Features

- Comes with 4 arms and 5 feet

- Great for dryland training, or take it on the ice

- Infinite configurations, from long rows to individual units, and everything in between

- Works with pucks, biscuits, or balls

Technical Specs

- 4 lbs 10oz

- Durable rubber feet and metal arms

Train Your Way

The SweetHands 2.0 was built to give players the ability to create any training scenario they can dream of. Whether it's one long line, individual units, or your own custom creation, the SweetHands 2.0 has endless possibilities.


How do I set up my Sweethands 2.0?

However you want! In one long row, in a box formation, or as individual units!