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The PassMaster Hockey Passing Trainer and Rebounder is a great training aid for players looking to improve their passing skills, one-timers, saucers, reaction time, and improve accuracy. This three-sided hockey passer tool is made from heavy-duty steel and a durable rubber flexband, can be used for on-ice or dryland training, and rugged enough to last for years. This versatile product can be used with pucks or biscuits, on tiles or ice, by yourself or with friends, for passing, receiving, and shooting.
4/12/24 update: our apologies but the PassMaster is currently out of stock. More units are expected later this spring. Please check back with us then to place your order, or send an email to and we'll put you on the wait list.
      Product Features

      - Three-sided design allows for multiple players to use at once

      - Heavy enough to withstand frequent passing without moving or sliding, yet light enough to carried to another room with ease

      - Use for dryland training, or screw-in the spikes (included) underneath for on-ice training

      - Replacement flexband and replacement spikes also available, sold separately

      Technical Specs

      - This three-sided passing aid measures 24" (61 cm) per side, and weighs 20 lbs (9kgs)

      - Constructed with heavy-duty steel, powder-coated and designed to be wrapped with a rubber flexband

      California Prop 65 disclaimer:

      This product may contain raw materials known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.

      The anytime teammate

      The PassMaster is ready to work on your dishing abilities whenever you are. Forehand passes, backhand passes, or perfect one-timer feeds, the PassMaster is the ultimate assist machine.


      Can I use the PassMaster on ice?

      Yes! The product comes with small spikes and a wrench to add to each of the feet on the underside.

      I'm having trouble with pucks going under the band

      Avoid extended periods of outdoor use during winter, store inside overnight. Cold temperatures cause the flexband too loosen over time, which leads to pucks sliding underneath on occasion.

      How do I get my flexband on my PassMaster?

      Check out our installation video with a simple trick to easily get your band attached.

      Installation Video