Five Hole Fury

When shooting the hockey puck it's critical to be able to shoot from different angles and positions.  You also want to be able to control the puck and quickly put an accurate shot on goal.  This hockey shooting drill will develop the skills you need to increase the quickness and accuracy of your hockey shot so you can score more goals.




High Speed Sniping to Score in Front of the Net

How do you score goals in front of the net?  When you're in front of the goal you need to be able to be quick and get a quality hockey shot on net before the defenseman has a chance to knock you off the puck.  This hockey shooting drill is a great way to use your hockey tarp to develop your super fast hands so you can get more pucks to the net.




Hockey Puck Popover

When you are looking to get into position to fire a shot on net and score a goal, it often requires you to handle the puck in many different situations.   Here's a great stick handling drill that can be used before you take a shot on net.   After completing the drill, get into shooting position and rip a shot on your Sniper's Edge Shooting Tarp.