Snipers Edge Hockey

1. Attach Non-Skid Pads

  •  Remove non-skid pads from white paper, center & stick each onto the three bottom legs. 
  • Set the PassMaster on a hard, flat surface with non-skid pads facedown & press gently for proper adhesion.



2. Add Reflex Band

  • While holding PassMaster vertically (see picture), stretch the Reflex Band around the two bottom legs.
  • Stretch & pull the Reflex Band upward, around the third leg.
  • Evenly distribute the band around all three sides so there is equal tension.
Snipers Edge Hockey PassMaster Hockey Passer FlexBand Assembly

On-Ice Use: For on-ice use, use the provided wrench to screw metal spikes into each of the three bottom sides.