Dryland Hockey Slick Tiles - White or Ice Blue


CHOOSE Tile Color

The Snipers Edge Dryland Hockey Tiles are the best option for off-ice hockey flooring. The tiles are engineered from specialty HDPE materials to enable the puck to slide with ease, and UV protected to allow indoor or outdoor use. At 1 SF per tile (2.5cm), the tiles are easily configurable to any space, can be added to over time, and provide a great surface at home or dryland training center for shooting, stickhandling or passing. With the simple loop and clip technology, the tiles snap together in seconds with virtually no seams, allowing a customer to either keep in place permanently, or disassemble in seconds if neededUse with inline skates, shoes, or barefoot. Just no skating (please see our synthetic ice product for that!).

Also available in red line or dark blue for an even more authentic home training area.

Product Features

- Each box contains twenty 12" by 12" (2.54 cm x 2.54) tiles that create a training space of ~ 20 SQ FT

- Pucks, biscuits, or balls slide effortlessly like they would on real ice

- Simple interlocking peg design that's both easy to install and simple to disassemble

- 1x1 squares make it easy to create fit every training area

- Best results on a hard, flat surface

- No messy sprays or cleaning is required. Just the ocassional pushbroom.

- Can support vehicle weight if someone drives or parks on

- Made in USA

Technical specs

- Each tile is 12" by 12" (2.54 cm x 2.54)

- Injected molded from specialty engineered HDPE materials

- Each box includes 20 tiles, and weighs ~20 pounds

See the slick tiles in action!

How many do I need?

Each box comes with 20 SF of tiles. So measure your total room size and divide by 20 to determine your desired number of boxes.

Buy 1 box for a shooting platform or stationary stickhandling, or multiple boxes to create a sizable training area fit for multiple kids.

Installation Video


Can I skate on the slick tiles?

No, the dryland hockey slick tiles are designed for use with shoes, inline skates, socks or barefoot. If you're looking for skateable tiles, please check out our synthetic ice!

How many boxes do I need?

Each box of white and ice blue tiles come with 20 tiles that are each 1' x 1' (i.e. 1 SF). Thus, measure the length and width of your desired training space to calculate your square footage, and divide by 20 to get the # of boxes.

For reference, an average 2-car garage is 400-600 SF. So if you're looking for tiles to occupy a car stall in the garage training area, you might want ~200SF...or 10 boxes.

Can I park a vehicle on them?

Yes! The tiles are strong enough to withstand a vehicle weight.

Can the tiles be put outside, on grass, or an uneven/sloped surface?

Yes! The slick tiles are manufactured with a UV-protective coating to enable either indoor or outdoor use. That said, a few useful tips if you plan to use the tiles outdoors:

1) The tiles work better on a hard, flat surface, however, so while use on grass is certainly possible, results are better on driveway, garage floor, basement floor, etc. If you really want to train on grass, consider placing plywood sheet(s) underneath to create a hard surface.

2)The tiles may shift with temperature changes, so double-check that your surface is flat before each use. Stomp down the seams if any heaving occured.

3) If you use outdoors, we suggest clearing off leaves, sticks, and other debris before using for optimal training results.

What should I use to clean the tiles?

There's no special cleaning required, other than using an occassional pushbroom to remove dust, pet hair, and other particles, just like any other flooring surface in your house. You can also mop the tiles with a mild soap as well without harming the surface, if you so choose.

If used outdoors, be sure to remove twigs, leaves, and other debris before each use.

Standard rubber pucks do not leave marks on the slick tiles! Some scuffmarks from stick tape may occur over time. If this bothers you, consider using white stick tape while training on tiles.

California Prop 65 Disclaimer

This product may contain raw materials known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.