Dryland Hockey Pucks


Dryland Hockey Pucks by Snipers Edge encourage that ‘perfect practice’ stickhandling technique. It is a proven fact that when a movement pattern is performed repeatedly, it will become permanent, making it important to practice new movement patterns correctly. They come with three different hockey training pucks, each designed to strengthen your wrists, encourage proper hand position, and increase the quickness of your hands.

These specially designed pucks have very little resistance, simulating a traditional puck’s drag across the ice. They are weighted and balanced allowing them to move flat across any flat surface. 

The pucks are constructed from HDPE, and while they are perfect for stickhandling they are not intended for shooting.  

MUSCLE Puck: Movements are done at a slower speed to reinforce the technique while allowing the player to develop stickhandling patterns (11.5 oz).

SKILLZ Puck: Designed for multiple repetitions to develop proper hand position, technique, and muscle memory (weight of a regulation puck).

SPEED Puck: Enables the player to increase hand speed/quickness and perform at 'game speed' and intensity (3.4 oz).