Stickhandling Ball - Ice Ball


The Ice Ball is a unique stickhandling ball with a clear appearance that allows it to blend into whatever surface it is being used on which makes it hard to see.  This forces the player to rely on FEEL more than sight.  It’s the ideal hockey training aid to get players away from watching the puck while stickhandling; a skill necessary to dominate at dangling!

Made from clear, extremely durable HDPE material. Similar size and similar as a regulation puck. Can be used anywhere, and on all surfaces including wood, tile, concrete, asphalt, or carpet.

By using the ice ball stickhandling ball the player will learn to skate with the puck while keeping his/her head up and ultimately being able to “see the ice” - a critical skill for any hockey player who wants to be a playmaker. 

Sold as individual unit or in a pack of 3 with vinyl carrying bag, so buy 1, 3, or 100!

Also included in 4-ball stickhandling ball set with Muscle Ball, Speed Ball, and Skillz Ball.