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Sweet Hands™ Hockey Stickhandling Trainer

Learn to dangle like the Pros!

  • SweetHands hockey stickhandling aid will greatly improve your speed, timing, eye-hand/stick coordination, precision, and consistency when dangling with a puck or stickhandling ball, and can be used either on or off the ice. (Screw in spikes for on-ice use included).

    Stickhandling is a skill that is never perfected in the game of hockey and must be regularly practiced, if you want to achieve elite status. After technically mastering each individual skill, the player will advance to higher speed movement drills as well as partner passing, utilizing forehand, backhand and saucer passing.

    Become a player with the sweetest stickhandling moves and dangles today!

    • Extremely durable - made to last
    • Perfect for use both on and off the ice
    • Comes in 8, one-foot sections to make either an 8 foot unit or 2, 4 foot units
    • Use the two four foot units to create T or L shaped drills
    • Perfect coaching and stickhandling aid for players of all ages and skill levels
    • Helps players learn everything from basic stickhandling moves to complex toe-drags and how to incorporate them into a sequence.
    • Combine with our PassMaster or PassMaster Extreme for the ultimate stickhandling training tool
    • Lightweight and easy to carry
    • Screw in spikes included for on-ice use

SweetHands Regular (Home and Team Use)

Regular SweetHands  - Our Original product model, recommended for the individual, at-home player.

Super SweetHands (Hockey Schools)

Super SweetHands  - This is our commercial grade model.  Recommended for Hockey Schools, Training Centers or high use applications.  Made with similar material used in plexiglass.

Mini Sweethands  (Upcoming Stars)

Mini SweetHands  - Designed for the younger player, new to the sport.  Comes with 1 Starter Piece and 3 extensions pieces which will make a 4-foot length stickhandling aid.

Sweet Hands™ Hockey Stickhandling Trainer has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 9 reviews.
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