3 Reasons Why You Need a Hockey Passer

3 Reasons Why You Need a Hockey Passer


Why would somebody need a hockey passer? Hockey is a very competitive sport, with many skilled players. If you want to be good you absolutely have to practice and push yourself harder than the average Joe. With all of the fantastic hockey training aids like synthetic ice and hockey shooting tarps, there are no excuses for anybody to skimp on training. While practicing on your own at home may not seem like it does much for you, keep at it and see for yourself the benefits of continual practice and constant determination. Practicing your passing skills is extremely important if you want to bring your team to victory every time. Here are some of the reasons why everybody who plays hockey needs a hockey passer.

Reason 1: One-Timers

Imagine being out there in the game and slapping in those one-timers flawlessly every time. OK, so this might not be completely realistic, but it is possible. The advantage of practicing with a passer/rebounder is that you can pinpoint your weaknesses as you realize them, and work on each one exclusively without having to worry about any distractions or interruptions. This is a double-edged training sword. When you put that puck exactly where it needs to be in order to come right back to you perfectly you hone your passing skills. Once it comes back and you pound it into the goal with a one-timer shot you sharpen your shooting skills as well.

Reason 2: Teamwork Skills

It may not seem like it, but when you practice your passing skills, you are sharpening your teamwork skills. The Sniper’s Edge Passmaster Hockey Passer and Rebounder is designed to act as if it were your teammate. You place it where you think it would be most valuable to you for practice and work with it to hone your shooting skills into razor-sharp masterpieces. If you have the room to move around freely you can practice long shots and put the puck exactly where you want it within the size of a pinprick on the passer.  You can even set it up to hit the goal from the rebound of the passer. Hand-eye coordination exercises help to bring aim to the point of laser beam accuracy. Being able to be precise under pressure is priceless. Building this type of skill is crucial when it comes to being better than your opponent.

Reason 3: Speed

There are plenty of reasons why speed is important during a game. The quicker you respond to a critical occurrence, the better you can benefit from it. How many times does the puck come at you slowly and easily in a game? Do your opponents gently slide it towards you so you can have a chance to get it if you need to? Of course not! Those pucks fly at super high speeds. Any good player knows how to slap that puck and put some power behind it so it gets where it is supposed to go with authority in its glide. This is where the hockey passer comes in handy for practice. If you have a high-quality passer that can handle the heat you can put some strength into the passes and learn how to get shots from lightening quick rebounds.

Snipe With a Purpose

Sniper’s Edge is passionate about hockey. Not only the game but all of the hard work and determination that goes into it. To get the most out of any training aid the key is to practice with a purpose. Each pass, each deke, each snipe do it with meaning and purpose behind it. Practice like a champion and you will be one. #snipewithapurpose