Ways to Hone your Skills Using Slick Tiles

set of slick or dryland tiles


Practicing at home with a nice set of slick tiles will help you hone your skills and maximize your game. Also known as dryland tiles, these sturdy, but light tiles can be easily set up and used to turn virtually any space on land into a real-life hockey training area. Because they are made from a special type of plastic they are slick and easily allow pucks to glide in the same manner as if on ice. This allows for a trainer to hone in on making nearly impossible shots and learning to score more points.

Practice your Passing Skills

Playing on a team requires a team effort. Passing the puck correctly helps to bring it closer to the goal on the other end. Sniper’s Edge Slick Tiles allow you to have a smooth surface to effectively practice your passing skills. With the help of a Passmaster, you can practice real-life passing on the slick tiles just like on ice. Depending on the size of the flooring plan you choose you can pass from up close, or far away. Because of the slick design of the tiles, the puck can glide effortlessly across the training area without skipping or bouncing. This allows for accurate placement of the puck so that your sharpened skills will be just as impressive on the ice as it is in training.

 Stickhandling Like a Pro

The way you handle your stick can make all of the difference in the world during a game. The more you practice the better you become. Because of the smooth, ice-like contour of the slick tiles, it is possible to practice your skills and get great at them, on or off the ice. With the help of a stickhandling trainer, you can spend quality time practicing difficult moves that will help you dominate the rink. The tiles are tough enough for you to put your heart, soul, and strength into every maneuver you practice so you can keep on pushing and gaining until you are the best version of yourself you can be.

Practice Shots and Score Points

The ultimate goal for any shooter is to be able to get that shot and score from anywhere. The slick tiles allow for shooters to practice and focus on difficult shots from various angles. With the help of a goalie shooter tutor (net not included) practicing on dryland tiles has never been more effective. The smooth surface of the tiles allows for precise aim from a sturdy, realistic platform. Shoot from whatever angle you want to get better at. Once again, that muscle memory kicks in when it is game time and allows everything you learned on the land to become useful on the ice.

Have a Purpose

Snipe with a purpose, if you like social media #snipewithapurpose. At the end of the day when you lay your head on the pillow, it is great to look back and know you did your best. During practice, in a game, or even at home always have a purpose in mind. Whenever you shoot, do it with a purpose and make each one count. Practicing on some great slick tiles that were designed with a purpose is a great way to push yourself to the next level and become a full-fledged sniper.


Stay true to your goals and don’t give up. Practice diligently each day and put your tiles to good use. Since you can use them just about anywhere, there is no excuse to allow any slacking on your part. Who is going to shoot better, somebody with 50 shots or somebody with a thousand? The answer to that is obvious. Keep it up. 


August 04, 2020 — SEO Team

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