Turn Any Space into a Hockey Training Space

Turn Any Space into a Hockey Training Space

Stickhandling Tiles

With the closings and social distancing that has gone on in the past few months, we have all had to get a little creative. We have found new and innovative ways to works, to learn, and even to give haircuts! Since all of us hockey players and lovers of the sport have not been able to get on the ice, we have also been forced to get creative with how we train and play hockey at home. One of the best ways to this is to create our own, non-ice ice rink at our homes or other spaces near where we live. Here are the best ways to turn any space into an ice rink when you can’t get on the ice.


Dryland Slick Skating Tiles

Dryland slick tiles are one of the best ways to create a faux-ice rink anywhere you want. These are tiles are made from a high-quality, durable material that will give you the real feel of stickhandling, skating, and passing without needing skates. You can set them up almost anywhere and use them with your regular sneakers or inline skates or rollerblades. You can create a small patch to train or a regulation rink. You can even get red line and blue line tiles to create a perfect replica. They come 20 square feet to a box (see how much you will need to create YOUR rink here).


Synthetic Ice Skating Tiles

If you want to take your home rink up a notch and it’s not January in Minnesota or Buffalo, check out these synthetic ice skating tiles. These tiles are made from technologically advanced material that allows you to use real skates and skate on the surface just like you would on real ice. You won’t believe what a realistic ice skating experience these skating tiles provide. It will allow you to train all your stick skills just like the dryland slick skating tiles but to do it on real skates and train all your skating muscles as well in the process. Pair these tiles with training equipment like a dangler skill ball and you will be amazed how fast you see skill improvement


Where to use Skating Tiles

The best part of these skating tiles is that you can create a rink almost anywhere, including:

  • Garages
  • Driveways
  • Basements
  • In the street (if safe!)
  • On rooftops
  • Parking lots
  • Basketball courts
  • Roller hockey rinks
  • Warehouse spaces
  • Gyms
  • Practice Space
  • All-purpose rooms
  • Rink lobbies or practice rooms
  • So many more places!

How to Train on Skating Tiles

Once you have your preferred skating tiles set up and in place, all you have to do is train like you normally would on ice. Since you may not have the access to the same equipment at home as you do at the rink, check out all the at-home training products Snipers Edge has to offer. In addition to dangler skill balls, they have a huge selection of shooting, passing, and stickhandling products as well.



Now is the time to get creative. Don’t let not be able to get to the rink stand in the way of your or your child getting better at developing the hockey skills needed to not only compete but dominate! If you create a rink and want to share it with our community of hockey lovers, post your picture on social media and share it with the hashtag #SniperInTraining