How to Use a Hockey Shooting Tarp to Improve Your Game

Use a Hockey Shooting Tarp to Improve Your Game

Using a high-quality hockey shooting tarp can increase your game and give you some unstoppable skills. Whether you are a sniper in training or a full-fledged sniper it is always wise to sharpen your skills and push harder to be the best. We have formulated a few ways for you to hone your skills at home, or wherever by using a Sniper’s Edge hockey shooting tarp. 

Sidney Crosby was known to use a clothes dryer to snipe. With today’s technology, mom and dad will thank you for using a shooting tarp to save their drywall and appliances!

You’ll be surprised how effective it is!

First off, What is a Hockey Shooting Tarp?

A hockey shooting tarp is a large tarp that protects walls and surfaces from damage caused by speeding pucks. It was created to look like a real goal with a protective goalie in the middle. The measurements are lifelike to an actual hockey game scenario.  The tarp is designed to sharpen shooting skills by providing target areas to focus on that shooters look for in a real game. The Sniper’s Edge Hockey Tarp was developed to facilitate rigorous training and superb shooting ability in order to score more goals. It is simple to set up and lots of fun to use.

How A Shooting Tarp Can Improve Your Game

It is not a secret that the more you work on a skill, the more it grows. Practicing your shooting skills with shooting tarp regularly can build up your strengths and allow you to put the puck exactly where you want it every time.  The Sniper’s Edge Shooting Tarp will help you score more goals!  Take the time to try out these 21 drill skills that will get you ready to hit that goal every time. Even if you’re not in the rink and aren't on the ice, what you do off-ice translates on ice. This means that your practice will count when you are in the game.

Practice Your Shots

Once you have your shooting tarp set up and ready to go decide what shot you would like to focus on first and work that angle. There are five targets on the tarp that you can focus on. The upper left, the upper right, the lower left, the lower right, and the lower middle, between the goalie’s legs (Five-Hole).

  • Aim for your target
  • Stay focused
  • Take your shot
  • Try to go Around the World. 5 goals out of 5 shots
  • Master the target

Shoot From Different Positions

The beautiful thing about using a hockey shooting tarp is that you are in control of your area. You can practice each shot from up close, or from far away. Either from a straight point or at a difficult angle. Each target that you focus on has a whole new dimension from another angle, so you are able to use this to your advantage and learn shooting skills that others will never know. When you hone skills like this they stay with you and become very handy in a real game.

Practice Every Day

Hockey is a very competitive sport, as you probably already know. The ones that are practicing every day are the ones who become great. By pushing yourself and staying focused every day you gain more stamina, strength, and muscle memory functions. When you do the same thing over and over your body remembers what you do and it becomes second nature. Put your hockey shooting tarp to good use and continually work those shots.  

Snipe With a Purpose

Some of the best coaches in the game unanimously agree that when you're practicing, don't just shoot, but shoot with a purpose. In the case of Sniper's Edge Hockey Sniper’s you #snipewithapurpose.  Our best-in-class targets and training aids ensure you train your body to snipe the corners and score more goals.


Getting a Sniper’s Edge hockey shooting tarp could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. It provides a way to practice real-life hockey shots while protecting the home, or other property from damage. Don’t waste your time on lesser-quality products. Sniper’s Edge is passionate about hockey and strives to bring the best learning aids to each and every player. Check out some of our top sellers. You can get involved and share your hockey stories on social media with the hashtag #snipewithapurpose. 

July 28, 2020 — michelle evans

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