The Hockey Shooting Targets You Need for Your Home

Hockey Shooting Targets

When you get back on the ice next hockey season, what skill would you like to have improved during your time training at home? Would you like to be a better passer and get more assists? How about being a better dangler with sweet stickhandling moves? Maybe you want to gain strength and become a stronger skater? All these skills are great to develop and will surely help your or your child’s overall game. But, let’s be honest. What you REALLY want to see when next hockey season rolls around is two words – More. Goals.

Everyone wants to light the lamp, from the craftiest forwards to the biggest defensemen (even goalies dream of sending one long on an empty net and getting the glory!). To do this, you need to train to become a better shooter. Now is a perfect time to buy hockey shooting targets and other shooting training equipment for your home. Here are the hockey shooting targets that will help you or your young hockey player develop a shot that will strike fear in the hearts of goalies everywhere.


Hockey Goal Net

The first thing you need to become a great shooter is the ultimate in hockey shooting targets, a regulation hockey goal/net. This is a regulation-sized hockey goal that measures 4’ x 6’. It is easy to assemble and durable with 2” thick steel pipes and a strong, thick net. It is the real thing and that will make your shooting training more realistic and productive.


Ultimate Goalie

Shooting on a regulation net is great but without a goalie, it doesn’t simulate the full experience that a shooter needs to train in the most effective and efficient way possible. Unless there is a brother or sister in the family who is a goalie or you happen to live next-door to Carey Price or Dominik Hasek, the next best thing is the Ultimate Goalie Shooter Tutor. This shooting tarp attaches to a regulation net and simulates the space a goalie takes up in net. The corners and 5-hole are open and train shooters to pick out these prime, goal-scoring targets.


Shooting Tarp

If you don’t have the means to have a regulation hockey goal at home for whatever reason, you can still do some great shooting training on other types of hockey shooting targets. This hockey shooting tarp can be hung anywhere and gives you the outline of a net, a goalie, and the corner and 5-hole targets you need to train properly. You can hang it in a basement, in front of a garage, or in any space you want to convert into a legit hockey shooting training space.


Shooting Pad

Whether you use a hockey goal, a net with an ultimate goalie, or a shooting tarp, the best way to simulate the feel and control of shooting on ice is to shoot from a hockey shooting pad. This pad simulates shooting on ice and help develop shooting skills that will translate to the ice better and faster than shooting off any other surface.



With these hockey shooting targets, you or your favorite young hockey player will be able to train their shooting skills at home in a way that will absolutely translate to the ice in a real way. Get all these hockey training tools and more at And, join the hockey training community while you become a Sniper in Training by sharing your training routine on social media with the hashtag, #SniperInTraining.

June 25, 2020 — Bold Commerce Collaborator

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