Training is a must for any dedicated hockey player – and for those with their sights set on serious growth, it’s important to work on different aspects of your game year-round. This can be difficult for many players, and especially those in warmer climates or where ice time is harder to come by. Still, the players that take the biggest leap from one season to the next are always those that find ways to sharpen their skills no matter where they are or what it’s like outside.

This is why at-home training is so important – but only if you have the right equipment to make sure your time produces the best results. Here are some at-home hockey training tools to help you improve your skills in shooting, passing, stickhandling, and beyond.

Shooting Tarp

sniper's edge hockey shooting tarp

Every player wants to become a better shooter. But practicing by sheer repetition won’t lead to in-game accuracy and success. The Shooting Tarp solves all of that, providing an effective way to work on your accuracy all by yourself anytime thanks to its five-pocket design with high-percentage scoring areas.

Made from heavy-duty UV-coated vinyl, our hockey Shooting Tarp can be used in the garage, basement, backyard, or any other training area using our Premium Install Kit (or by mounting to your wall in whichever way you see fit). The Shooting Tarp is available in 8’ x 16’ or 7’ x 16’ dimensions and is made to protect your walls, windows, and garage doors from even the heaviest and most wildly aimed wristers and slapshots.

PassMaster Hockey Passer and Rebounder

sniper's edge hockey passmaster

Now that we’ve got our shooting setup taken care of, it’s time to nail down our passing skills. The PassMaster is the perfect solution for improving passing, one-timers, saucer passes, and reaction time, either by yourself or with some friends or teammates.

Made from heavy-duty steel and a durable rubber flex-band, the PassMaster is heavy enough to withstand frequent passing without moving or sliding – yet still light enough to be carried from one room to another with ease. This hockey passing tool a perfect way to fine-tune your playmaking skills through either on-ice or dryland training and is rugged enough to last from one season to the next. Once you add the PassMaster to your training routine, you’ll be setting up teammates in no time.

SweetHands Stickhandling Trainer

sniper's edge hockey sweethands stickhandling trainer

Created by former NHLer Lance Pitlick and used religiously by his son and current Montreal Canadiens center Rem Pitlick, the SweetHands stickhandling tool is a great way for skaters to improve their dangles year-round. The SweetHands forces great form by emphasizing top-hand control, wrist roll, hand-eye coordination, and puck control.

The SweetHands trainer is customizable to set up in separate rows or in one long row and assembles and collapses in seconds for easy storage. It’s the perfect at-home tool for dryland training and also has spikes included for on-ice use. Whether stickhandling around the legs, toe-dragging underneath, or saucer passing over the top, the SweetHands is a versatile way to get both stronger and quicker on the puck all season and offseason long.

Muscle Stickhandling Ball

sniper's edge hockey muscle stickhandling ball

The Muscle Stickhandling Ball is roughly three times the weight of a standard 6-oz. hockey puck, helping skaters refine their hands and stickhandling techniques by performing them more slowly during training. It also strengthens hands and wrists for quicker in-game motion. The Muscle Stickhandling Ball can be used on all surfaces and is a great pre-game warmup tool that will make the puck feel light as a feather from the opening faceoff to the closing horn.

Synthetic Ice

sniper's edge hockey synthetic ice

Made from highly engineered high-density polyurethane (HDPE), synthetic ice is made to replicate skateable ice in any climate or environment. Synthetic ice is UV-protected for indoor or outdoor use and is perfect for working on glides, edges, turns, and any other at-home skating drill during any time of year.

Sniper’s Edge’s synthetic ice has superior glide characteristics and is designed with self-lubricating materials to help maintain its shape and slipperiness for years after first use. Our tiles assemble in seconds, are easy to store, and can even support the full weight of being driven over or parked on by vehicles. There’s simply no better way to get an ice-like experience in any setting.

Sharpen Your Skills Year-Round with Sniper’s Edge

Sniper’s Edge helps skaters and players elevate their game anytime, anywhere with hockey training products and accessories that are rugged, battle-tested, and simply fun to use. From shooting and stickhandling equipment to synthetic ice tiles, our products are the easiest and most effective way to get an on-ice workout in no matter your budget or environment.

Shop our products today to find everything you need to keep developing your game from one season to the next.

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