David Shuler, CEO of Sniper’s Edge Hockey, recently sat down with our good friend Lance Pitlick as part of his newly launched “The Hockey Journey” podcast series. Lance is the co-owner of onlinehockeytraining.com, is one of the top training professionals in Minnesota for shooting and stickhandling, is a former Gopher and NHL defenseman, and interestingly is even a co-founder of Sniper’s Edge! We share a passion with Lance for helping to grow the game and helping players of all ages hone their skills through training to reach their full potential. David’s conversation is below:

We recommend you listen to the many other fascinating conversations hosted by Lance with his other hockey experts! Lastly, we encourage you to check out onlinehockeytraining.com to learn about his outstanding at-home training tips and drills and sign up for his 10-video trial subscription to see for yourself how OHT can help you get better.
March 16, 2022 — David Shuler
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