Halloween is a fun time of year with everyone dressing up in costumes, in fact one of our favorite costumes is when people dress up in goalie gear and trick or treat in the ‘Jason from Friday the 13th ‘/ Vintage goalie mask!

So with this spooky holiday on the horizon we sat down with a goalie to find out what, and who, scares them the most when they are in a big game trying to keep the puck out of the net. As you might guess, this goalie did not want to be named, so we’ll just call him . . . Jason!

The first thing Jason told us is that oftentimes it’s not the player with the puck that’s the scariest, it’s the line mate of the player on the off-wing or in the slot that keeps him up at night. If you are looking for goals or assists, keep this in mind and work on your precision passing and also your one-timers and shooting accuracy!

Stickhandlers, dekers and danglers are also at the top of the most scary list. Our goalie Jason said that the players who can quickly change the angle of the puck when they are shooting are deadly. Another secret goalies don’t want you to know is that keeping your feet moving while stickhandling keeps them guessing whether you are going to deke or shoot. If you want to score goals and set up your teammates for tic-tac-toe tap ins, keep working on your stickhandling until you have it mastered at full speed!

Finally, to round out the hat trick of goalkeeper ghosts, Jason admitted in a dark moment that the combination of a quick release and deadly accuracy is the ultimate fright night.  “When you have players that instinctively know how to get the shot off quickly, before the goalie can square up to the puck, and can also snipe a corner every time, that combination leaves a goalie to RIP.”

Thank you for reading and we wish everyone a Happy Hockey Halloween!

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October 15, 2018 — Joe Shoults

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