As the season hits full swing and players are settling into their spot on the team, there are probably a few aspects of their game that they really like, and others that a player recognizes they need to improve.

The holidays are a great time to pump the brakes and evaluate your game. Here are some game changing gift ideas for this holiday season that are sure to perform great, on and off of the ice!

Game Changing Gifts For Your Player:

Sweet Hands: The best hockey players have the softest hands. They know how to deke and dangle with the puck in tight spots and can slide the puck under an opponent’s stick and then toe drag it back around to load up a great shot. Stickhandling skills are learned at practice and perfected at home. If you want to be a great stickhandler, you have to put in the time.

Stellar Shot: To no surprise the top goal scorers in the NHL will say that they have taken that game-winning shot in their basement, driveway or garage a thousand times. Great players know that you can never shoot enough pucks and practicing your shooting is the single best way to climb the stat chart!

Precision Passing: Guess who is a goal scorers’ best friend? That’s right, the player that not only can make a heads-up pass, but can do so on the tape of the stick rather than the blades of the skates or five feet in front of the stick. Very much like shooting, passing is mastered through off-ice practice and repetition.

Super Stickhandling: There’s one simple way to get the moves you want on the ice, and it’s by perfecting them off of the ice. Like the great goal scorers who have scored that game-winning goal in their basement a thousand times, the best stickhandlers spend countless hours off-ice with the puck on their stick working on skills and getting creative with the puck. When you consider an average hockey player has the puck on their stick for well under a minute during a typical game, it’s easy to conclude that the only way to get better is through practice and training.

This holiday season give the gift that matters most to your hockey player, the gift of skills! Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our full line of training aids. In addition to the game changing products, we also offer FREE drills that teach the techniques!  

November 13, 2018 — Joe Shoults

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