Muscle Puck & Ball Set


The Muscle Set by Snipers Edge Hockey Pucks contains both our Muscle Puck and Muscle Ball. These products are each 2-3x heavier than regular pucks, and encourage athletes to strengthen wrists, work on proper hand position, and increase hand quickness.

Muscle Ball: weighing in at over 18 oz (3x heavier than a puck), the Muscle Ball is designed to help players develop the hand and wrist strength needed to become a stellar stickhandler. After a few minutes stickhandling with practicing with the Muscle Ball, regular pucks will feel light as a feather! Great training aid for pre-game warm-up, or in your home training area. Can be used on all surfaces including wood, tile, concrete, asphalt, or carpet.

Muscle Puck: At 11.5 oz (2x heavier than a regular puck), the Muscle Puck causes athletes to perform the movements at a slower speed, thereby reinforcing proper technique and strengthening wrists. The puck is designed with less surface resistance than regular pucks while used on solid surfaces, thereby simulating a traditional puck’s drag across the ice. 

Muscle pucks and muscle balls each sold separately, or in packs with other stickhandling balls or specialty pucks.