Stickhandling Ball - Speed Ball


In the game of hockey, a split-second can decide the outcome of a game and a player with quick hands can be that deciding factor.  The lightweight SpeedBall stickhandling ball enables the player to practice stickhandling movements at a speed that they would not normally be able to with something heavier. It all lends to the training concept that REPETITION builds "muscle memory". 

  • Lighter than a puck, weighing in at a little over 2 oz.
  • Constructed from heavy-duty HDPE material 
  • Works great on any hard surface, use it at home in the driveway, garage, or any other surface.
  • Great pre-game warm-up tool

Sold as individual unit with vinyl carrying bag. Buy 1 or 100!

Also included in 4-pack with Muscle Ball, Skillz Ball and Ice Ball.