Dryland Hockey Flooring Tiles - What are the benefits? 

 When you talk to the best players at every level of hockey, they will tell you the same thing. Whether it is a top player from youth hockey, high school, college, juniors, the minors or the NHL, you will hear the same thing. This is that their training does not stop when they step off the ice and take off their skates. The players who score the goals and create the assists are constantly working on their game. Both in normal practice and through off-ice training. At all these levels, one of the best ways to train on dry land is through Hockey Slick Tiles. These flooring tiles let you train almost anywhere so you can be the one who others ask, “how did you get so good?”


What are Dryland Slick Tiles?

Hockey Slick Tiles are 12” x 12” interlocking tiles that create a realistic feeling, simulated ice surface for off-ice hockey training. The Slick Tiles from Snipers Edge Hockey are high-quality and offer some of the best value and lowest cost Slick Tiles on the market. They fit together seamlessly and are easy to assemble. You can put together these flooring tiles in a matter of minutes to create an off-ice rink. Snipers Edge Slick Tiles are unique because they connect on the underside of the tiles which allows for a more seamless connection, resulting in a slick, smooth surface.


Why Slick Tiles?  When you talk to the best players at every level of hockey,

The Benefits of Slick Tiles  

Dryland Hockey Flooring Tiles replicate a real ice surface. They help hockey players be better able to train their shooting, stickhandling and passing skill in their very own home hockey training area. They allow you to stickhandle and shoot a regulation hockey puck right at home just as if you are on the ice. It will protect your expensive sticks too while training away from the rink.  


Slick Tiles are incredibly durable and made specifically for hockey off-ice training. They can be used almost anywhere including on your blacktop or concrete driveway, on a sports court, inside in your garage, or in your basement. They can be used indoors or out because of their weatherproof coating and are so tough you can even drive on them without doing any damage!

In addition to being useful and durable, Hockey Slick Tiles look great too. They come in White or Ice Blue and you can even add Red/Blue Line Slick Tile Dryland Flooring Tiles to transform any area into a realistic looking and feeling rink.



If you want to be the best, you need to train like the best. With an off-ice training program that includes stickhandling, shooting, and passing work on Hockey Slick Tiles, you can take your game to the next level. Whether you are looking to develop your own game or help a young player become a star, you can find all the off-ice hockey training gear you need at Snipers Edge Hockey. With these training products, you or someone you know can go from benchwarmer to top scorer in no time at all.  


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