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When you ask hockey players what they want to get out of training, you hear a wide range of answers. They will tell you they want to skate better and faster, become great at controlling the puck, or be able to put a cross ice pass right on a teammate’s stick. While you hear all these answers and more on occasion, there is one answer you hear more than all these ones combined. Players want to SCORE. MORE. GOALS. Goals are literally the goal of the game and what gets you the attention, acclaim, and cheers as a hockey player. Here is how to score more hockey goals.

Hockey score more goals

Where Are Goals Scored?

All that stands between you and the glory of scoring a goal is that person with giant pads and a glove standing in front of the net. While there is the occasional goals scored right in the center of the net when the goalie is out of position, most times you need to shoot the puck where it is hardest for the goalie to save. No matter where you are on the ice, if you can pinpoint a shot in one of the four corners of the net or go “5-hole”, between the goalie’s legs, your chances of scoring increase dramatically.


The 5 Scoring Spots

When you are practicing and developing your ability to shoot a hockey goal, you need to focus on hitting 5 specific spots where the most goals come from. These are:


Right above the pads – Goalies are taught that when a shot comes in low, butterfly your pads. When you are moving from one side of the net to the other, push your skate all the way to the post. Both these techniques leave space in the bottom corners, just off the ice. These spots are hard to see and get to from a goalie’s perspective which is why they are great places to shoot.


5-hole – When a goalie butterfly’s their pads and goes to the ice there is a moment in time where this creates a gaping hole right between the legs. If a goalie is slow to get down or does not use proper form, it creates a great (and slick!) scoring opportunity for shooters.


Top corners, stick and glove-side high – Where does mama keep the cookie? TOP SHELF! Nothing is more fun or more beautiful than sticking one in the top corner. To do this you want to “shoot for the ears”. When goalies go down, it creates an opening on either side of their head. If you can hit those, they are the highest percentage scoring spots.


These 5 spots are universal. They work at any level and against and goalie. Even the NHL Stanley Cup winning goalie let up goals in these spots. Jordan Binnington, the St. Louis Blues’ rookie goalie let up 64 goals on his way to a historic 16 playoff wins. 25 of these goals were below the waste, either low corners or 5-hole. He let in 18 sick-side high and 21 glove-side. When you know where to shoot, you can score on anyone.


How to Become a Sniper

Like anything else, becoming a true sniper and picking out the corners or 5-hole take practice. Since you probably don’t have a goalie in full pads at your disposal 24/7 the next best way to sharpen your shooting skills are with a Shooting Tarp. Instead of shooting at an empty net, a Shooting Tarp helps you pick out the best spots to score goals. The tarp has a picture of a regulation net and a goalie. There are holes to shoot for positioned in the 5 best goal scoring spots.



Skating hard, playing D, dangling, and picking out passes are all great skills to have. But, let’s be honest. Scoring a goal is the most fun! When you train your shooting on a Hockey Shooting Tarp you can become an elite goal scorer.

December 05, 2019 — Bold Commerce Collaborator

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