How to Improve Stickhandling at Home

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Now is the perfect time to get better. It is a perfect time to train and develop your skills. It is the perfect time to become a Sniper in Training. You might not be able to get on the ice as much as you want or at all right now but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be working on your skills all the time. Stickhandling is an especially valuable skill on the ice and one that, with the right equipment, you can easily train at home. Here is how you can train at home so you are a better dangler next time you step on the ice.

Keys to Dangler Training

When it comes right down to it, stickhandling is all about muscle memory. The best danglers will naturally push and pull the puck where they want it to go without thinking about it and without looking at it. They are not able to do this because they are born with some special stickhandling sense that allows them to control the puck, they are able to control the puck because of the hours they have spent training to do so. The training has created muscle memory that allows them to dangle naturally no matter what the situation.

There are two keys to creating this muscle memory. One is repetition. The more you practice, the more natural the motions will become. The other is simulating the normal hockey rink environment as close you can when you train. This will give you the real feel of stickhandling on the ice which will help develop the muscle memory you need to become a world-class dangler. The best way to do this is with stickhandling tiles for your home.

Stickhandling Training Equipment

Dryland Slick tiles
are the one piece of equipment you need to become a better dangler. Practicing in your driveway or on your basement or garage floor is ok but they don’t give you the real feel of ice and the way the puck moves on it. Training on these stickhandling tiles means that everything you do will help to create muscle memory that will translate seamlessly to the ice. Using these is the best way to maximize your dangler training time and to see and feel the benefits as soon as you step on the ice.

While these stickhandling tiles are key to stickhandling training, they are also helpful for shooting and passing drills as well. In addition, they are durable, portable, and easy to assemble so they can be installed almost anywhere. Each box covers 20 square feet so you can cover as much or as little area as you want as well. Start designing your rink today!

Stickhandling Tips

Once you have your stickhandling tiles installed and are ready to start training, there are a few quick tips to keep in mind while you train.

  • Don’t grip the stick too tight, your stickhandling won’t be as fluid if you do.
  • Your top hand should do most work.
  • Practice putting the puck all around your body, you never know where the defenders will come from!
  • Use your entire stick blade – forehand, backhand, heel, and toe.
  • Once you get comfortable, keep your head and eyes up at all times. This is what the best danglers ALWAYS do.


Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi once said, “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” This is why stickhandling tiles are so important to your training. With the Dryland Slick tiles from Snipers Edge, you will be able to perfectly practice your stickhandling at home and become a much better dangler on the ice. If you are working on becoming a Sniper in Training at home, let us know and connect with the hockey community! Share your home stickhandling training regimen with the hashtag #SniperInTraining and connect with other players trying to get better at home too.

June 18, 2020 — Bold Commerce Collaborator

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