Every young hockey player has dreams about their future. They want to make the best team, play against the best competition, score the big goals, be the player relied on in the intense moments of the game. Often times, the youngest players in the association are allocated the smallest amount of ice time in the community rink. This leaves young players craving development, but not having the outlet or space for it. Speaking from experience, shooting pucks into an empty net against the side of the house is not always the best solution, the black scuff marks and dents in the siding can attest to that. Expensive sticks quickly are destroyed on concrete and asphalt, the stick becoming worn and split on the bottom of the blade. Not to mention the pure frustration when the puck doesn’t move the way it does on the ice. So, what do we do??

An excellent solution is to create a basement hockey shooting area in your home. The benefits are obvious as your player can train conveniently 24 hours a day and get those extra repetitions that will soon separate them from the rest of their peers.

Here are some recommendations of the top hockey training products for your home:
  • Young kids tend to spray the puck around when shooting, so the Snipers Edge Shooting Tarp is the perfect solution to protect walls from missed hockey shots. The five openings also will challenge the player to increase shooting accuracy.

  • Getting an area of flooring is going to be money well spent. The Slick Tile Hockey Flooring will solve this issue. Having the space for the stick to be protected from harsh concrete or asphalt, and being able to have a more realistic experience while practicing your shot, will definitely provide a huge added bonus to development! Make sure to get plenty, so your player can maneuver and shoot from different angles and distances.

  • When looking for additional hockey training products, focus on ones that can recreate on ice situations, off-ice. The PassMaster Hockey Passer and Puck Rebounder allows players to practice their one-timers and quick release by themselves, so that parents don’t need to give an endless number of passes until their kid become the next Steven Stamkos.

  • SweetHands Stickhandling Trainer. The high design forces athletes to exaggerate their movement, making their agility and quickness better.


July 01, 2020 — Amy Budde

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