Snipers Edge is proud to be an off-ice hockey training company based in a state where winters provide plenty of natural opportunities for skill development. This comes in the form of frozen lakes and ponds which have provided a lifetime of perspective on what it takes to become a great hockey player. While there are plenty of ice hours logged at indoor ice rinks, it’s the time spent on the lakes and ponds, backyard rinks and local outdoor parks that cultivated creativity and developed advanced skills.

With this unlimited access, it’s no surprise the state has consistently been a leader in producing top talent at the highest levels of the game.  But it’s not this way in other parts of the country, which is why we are constantly trying to produce products and training aids that allow players to develop their skills, regardless of geography. After all, not every player has the luxury of having 200+ indoor sheets of ice and more than 10,000 lakes, ponds and parks.

It’s these opportunities that have inspired our products, especially our brand new ProSkate Synthetic Ice. All of our products are designed to provide players a fun, inspiring and realistic skill development experience. We understand that we can’t bring our frozen ponds to everyone, but we can deliver an experience that is fun, motivating and will result in better skills. 

Our home training packages allow players to dangle, stickhandle and shoot pucks on shooting and stickhandling tiles with a ‘glide’ that reminds us of those crisp nights on the frozen ponds. Our shooting tarps allow players to snipe the five-hole, top shelf and corners without having to leave the basement or garage. The Passmaster is a playmakers best friend as kids can work on forehand and backhand passing, one-timers and quick hands on their own.

And best of all, we are beyond excited to share our ‘pond hockey’ experience by delivering ProSkate Synthetic Ice. Sometimes called fake ice or plastic ice, synthetic ice gives players a realistic ice experience within the comfort of your own home.

We are inspired by the history and success in our backyard and motivated to deliver it to hockey players everywhere. If you want to become a better hockey player, we can’t deliver our frozen moments that helped define Snipers Edge, however we can provide the best and most realistic off-ice training aids available to hockey players anywhere.


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November 28, 2018 — Joe Shoults

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